Fall 2006 14 Em

An electromagnetic wave

$\bold{E} \left ( \bold{r},t \right ) = Re \left [ \bold{E}_0 e^{\imath ( \bold{k} \cdot \bold{r} - \omega t ) \right ]$

$\bold{B} \left ( \bold{r},t \right ) = Re \left [ \bold{B}_0 e^{\imath ( \bold{k} \cdot \bold{r} - \omega t ) \right ]$

is incident on a plane conducting surface. The wave vector k makes an angle $\theta$ relative to the normal $\hat{\bold{n}}$ to the surface. The wave is polarized perpendicular to the plane of incidence, that is E0 is perpendicular to k and $\hat{\bold{n}}$. Determine the radiation pressure (the time-averaged force per unit area) exerted on the surface.




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