Solutions Errata

If you know there's a problem in a particular solution (& have real consensus from other students/profs) then please post about it here. Maybe there aren't too many, but I'd rather not waste my time trying to understand an incorrect solution.

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  1. Fall 2006 p12. The rolling condition should be $(b-a)\dot{\phi}=a\dot{\theta}$
  2. Spring 2005 problem 2. The non-zero eigenfrequency should be $\omega^2 = \frac{(M+m)}{M}\frac{g}{b}$.
  3. Fall 2004 #6 p14. Is part B completely wrong? Zeeman splitting for weak field is usually computed with coupling between orbital angular momentum & e spin. But in this problem l=0 (for the ground state). The solution to part B seems to write the perturbation $H = {\mu_B} B \cdot(S + I)$ rather than $H = B \cdot({\mu_B}S + {\mu_N} I)$. I think the latter is correct, but it's very possible that I'm wrong.
  4. Fall 2005 #13: $E_{in} \not= 0$. We therefore must calculate the potential both inside and outside the spherical shell. A simple way of seeing this is that you can draw a line from the top half of the shell to bottom half with the path completely inside the shell. There is a potential difference along the path and there must be an electric field. There is also a random $1/2$ stuck in due to a combining of the last two entries in this relation relation. $V \cos(\omega t) = Re \left( V \exp(-i \omega t) \right) = V/2 \left(exp(i \omega t) + exp(-i \omega t) \right)$, but that occurs after the first mistake in the solution
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